Our mission is to find unique voices
that ignite readers with their words.

At Creators Publishing, we sign great writers
with the potential for success and help them actualize it.

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We believe everyone has a story worth telling.

We offer personal, tailored advice and services to our writers. We have decades of experience publishing politically, historically and culturally influential writers -- including Ann Landers, Hunter S. Thompson, Andy Borowitz and Horatio Alger. And now we're extending our publishing expertise to writers big and small who are ready to tell their story.

We’ll be there with you from cover to cover.

Our industry professionals edit, design cover art, format and distribute your book through Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and Google Play. Our marketing team partners with you to launch your book, which will be featured on our virtual bookshelf next to big-name talent and other brilliant writers like you.

Pete Kaminski

We are forward-thinking.

Digital media are the future of publishing. Technology makes it easier for authors to connect with readers and vice versa. We also believe in sustainability. We publish books in a way that limits our environmental impact. The United States book industry consumes 32 million trees each year.

We are bridging the gap between self-publishing and traditional publishing.

Self-publishing is an option. But it’s hard – hard to edit, format, promote and sell. Traditional publishing is another option. But it’s also hard – hard to get a book deal. We give you the tools and expertise of working with a publisher and the freedom and flexibility of doing it yourself.

Benefits of working with us

We pay you more.

We share revenue 50/50 with our authors.

We give you control over the creative process.

We value your input on important decisions, such as choosing cover art.

We pair you with a highly skilled team.

Our editors, graphic designers, and technical and marketing staff work with you to perfect your book.

We take risks and sign first-time authors.

Your passion and skill are more important than your resume.

Our Story

Creators Publishing is the digital publishing division of Creators. Founded in 1987, Creators is an independent media company that creates, edits and distributes print and digital content to thousands of newspapers and online platforms. Creators represents more than 200 of the most talented writers and artists in the world, and our talent has won an industry-leading number of Pulitzer Prizes, as well as numerous Reuben and Peabody awards.

Hermosa Beach
Dog-friendly office

Our dog-friendly office is located in sunny Hermosa Beach, California.


What genre of books does Creators Publishing publish?

We accept submissions of all genres. If we like it, we’ll publish it.

Do I need a completed manuscript?

In most cases, yes. But we will fine-tune it with you during the editing process to prepare it for publication.

In what format should I submit my book?

Microsoft Word, all day long.

Do I get an advance for my book?

For the most part, we’re working with completed manuscripts, and our high royalty percentage allows authors to start reaping the benefits of their book sales almost immediately.

Does Creators Publishing sell and market my book?

Yes! We will create a custom marketing plan for you. We will work with you at every phase of the process to make sure your book is a success.

Where will my book be distributed?

Your book will be listed on the top e-commerce sites: Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble’s Nook books, Google Play and iTunes.

How much will I make when my book sells?

We pay you 50% of gross revenue. Other publishers pay only 10% or 15% to their authors. That’s one big reason our writers love us.