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David Yontz

Managing Editor

Assassin of Faulty Prose

David Yontz has been an editor for more than seven years, working with award-winning writers and cartoonists, including a Pulitzer Prize winner. He has edited various books, most notably “Good Manners for Nice People Who Sometimes Say F*ck,” by Amy Alkon, who refers to him as her “grammar ninja.” David looks forward to the opportunity to David hosts a popular podcast, called “Stop! ... Grammar Time.”

His favorite books are “1984,” “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” and “For Whom the Bell Tolls.”

Jessica Burtch


Strategic Story Shaper

A self-ordained playwright by age 8, Jessica has devoted her life to the art of story. She's written, directed and performed plays, ghostwritten lifestyle columns and speeches, penned short stories and opinion columns, and spun a gnarly tale or two around a campfire. She’s also written and doctored screenplays, both independently and collaboratively. Her work has appeared in papers such as the Austin-American Statesman, The Boston Globe and The Denver Post, and onstage at South Coast Repertory, The Off Center and the Performing Arts Center in Austin, Texas.

Jessica’s artful ear for authentic dialogue and unforgiving radar for flat, passive prose keep her on many a writer’s speed dial. She has enjoyed a nine-year run as a professional editor, work that indulges her passion for helping others to shape and share their stories, big or small. Because without story, who are we? And why would anyone care?

Simone Slykhous


Wordsmith Warrior

Much like Superman, Simone’s birth parents sent her to Earth on a small spacecraft when their home planet, Jorn-ELism, was on the verge of destruction. After passing through fields of space junk and infinite universes, her ship crash-landed in Orange County, California. People can tell she is not from around there due to her inability to tan and her masterful grammar skills.

Though usually tight-lipped about her past to protect her friends and family from the criminal elements of AP Style, this editing extraordinaire is opening up so that others might find her publishing prowess helpful. Simone has a degree in journalism from Northwestern University. Her kryptonite includes dark chocolate and cute animal gifs.

Some of Simone’s favorite books are “Catch-22,” “The Brothers Karamazov” and “East of Eden.”

Catherine DiGiacomo


The Unpunctuated, Queen of Commas

An east-coast-to-LA transplant, Catherine is infatuated with Los Angeles’ function as the last frontier for the mythical American dream. She immersed herself in this obsession while earning her B.A. in English at the University of California, Los Angeles, and developing her undergraduate thesis, “Deep Surfaces: The Culture of Production and the Production of Culture in Twentieth-Century Hollywood.”

Her hobbies include being the first person to quote an appropriate movie line for any conversation, finding the perfect reaction gifs, making charcuterie boards and drinking wine. She is also the CP resident photographer and videographer.


Brandon Telle


Resident Bug-Fixer

Brandon, the technical taskmaster and punk partisan, is the backbone of Creators Publishing’s digital world. By writing code, building websites, fixing bugs, formating books and working with our talent to ensure successful upload processes, Brandon will make your digital library grow. In his free time, you can either find him in the pit or hanging out with his part-Pit part-Blue Heeler pup, Koda.

Pete Kaminski

Art Director

Verderer of Vision

The forest of the
Vision is where Kaminski
Lives and sleeps and stuff

Pete, the innovative force behind our company logo and e-book cover art, is ready to take on any imaginative design demands that come his way. With a BA in English, Pete believes in the impact of the written word and looks forward to the chance to leave his mark on the publishing world. He enjoys working collaboratively with our authors to showcase their books in the best possible light.


Jack Newcombe


Chief Inspiration Officer. Human Catalyst.
Visionary. Creative force.
Pop culture aficionado.
Sports enthusiast (real and fantasy).
Dog-lover. People-liker.

Los Angeles native.
President and COO of Creators.
Founder of Cliq.
Georgetown undergrad.
NCAA athlete and captain (crew).
Stanford MBA.
Loves dogs, shoes and fitness (in that order).

Marianne Sugawara

VP of Operations and International Sales

Digital Acrobat and Real-Life Fisherwoman

As a 20+ year doyen of Creators, Marianne was hired when there was no email, only fax machines. Now there is only email and no fax machines. How times have changed. What hasn’t changed is her commitment to making things run smoothly and efficiently for both our company and our talent. Marianne works tirelessly to ensure we reel in the best talent and that our clients love us.

Sheila Telle

Sales Coordinator/HR Manager

Deep Magic-Maker

Maintainer of all things sales and HR, Sheila has mastered the art of juggling a dozen things at once. A now-seasoned Creators vet, she joined the team when her son was just one year old. He is now 25. Her expansive knowledge of all things Creators makes her the best person to do her job, whether it is assisting our customers or taking new employees under her wing and getting them acclimated to our company. She possesses a can-do spirit and always makes time to take on extra projects, such as discovering new talent and uploading e-books.

Katie Ransom

Integrated Marketing

Chief Marketing Maven

Katie has a Marketing degree from the University of Southern California. She loves creating and sharing stories and will use her marketing magic to get your books into as many hands (and pockets and laptops and tablets) as possible. She prefers Instagram and Pinterest over other social media platforms and can’t wait to pin your book in her must-read books board. Katie has been an avid reader her whole life. Some of her favorites include “Fahrenheit 451,” “Goodnight Moon,” anything by Mark Twain and the Harry Potter series.